The black box.

The black box provides data for existing Telematics systems via interfaces. It has a permanently installed siren with a volume of up to 115 dB. The black box has its own power supply that is self-sufficient for up to 8 years. The system is protected against manipulation - complaints and covering with aluminum foil do not prevent the alarm from being triggered. All products are CE and ROHS certified. 

Advantages through high flexibility:

  • Communication between the existing telematics and the alarm system 
  • No additional SIM card required 
  • No additional costs 

Advantages due to high robustness:

  •  If the batteries are short-circuited, there is no risk of explosion or fire 
  • Electronics completely encapsulated 
  • The housing corresponds to protection class IP 67K 

Advantages through great security:

  • Not recognizable from the outside 
  • Encrypted radio technology 
  • Defense against misery attacks 
  • Compatible with all common telematics systems