Our core product - the smart sensor textile - was created in 2010 from a research project with the Textile Research Institute eV (STFI) in Chemnitz. Thanks to efficient partners, we have been able to continuously develop this product. Since our foundation, we have endeavored to offer our customers not just pure technology, but complete solutions.

The enterprise.

  • Our company Relytex® is headquartered in Landshut | Bavaria and the following goals: 
  • Research and development of conductive structures on textiles 
  • Development of contact solutions between textiles and electronics 
  • Implementation of innovative finishing processes 
  • Development of self-sufficient low-power monitoring electronics 


Our quality standards.

We are continuously developing our processes and are constantly checking new technologies and materials for improvement potential. Intensive field and laboratory tests - over a long period of time - confirm the high quality of our products.